Aksh Healthcare packages

Fever Package

Rs: 800  Rs. 450/-

Diabetic Mini Package

Rs: 760 Rs. 550/-

Basic Allergy Package

Rs: 1050  Rs. 650/-

Full Body Health Test

Rs: 2450  Rs. 950/-

Diabetic Full Checkup

Rs: 2499  Rs. 999/-

Vitamin Package

Rs: 2200 Rs. 999/-

Basic Screening & Immunity Check

Rs: 2800 Rs. 1250/-

HIV Preventive

Rs: 2500 Rs. 1350/-

Complete Health Package

Rs: 4600  Rs. 1950/-

Healthy 2020 Package

Rs: 3800 Rs. 2020/-

Prostate Cancer Package

Rs: 4800 Rs. 2850/-

Pregnancy Checkup

Rs: 7200 Rs. 4150/-

Aksh Health Categories

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Best experience with Aksh Healthcare. After my req their team came to my home to collect sample. I am satisfied with their service.



It was very time consuming to go outside for giving test sample. Aksh Healthcare made it easy. I will recommend aksh healthcare.



Very professional indeed. Due to fast service  my family call the Aksh HEalthcare team whenever needed.



Cheap with accuracy. Thanks Aksh Healthcare for giving such facilities. You save our money and time.